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For anti-aging care,and people who think highly of teeth.

My philosophy regarding dental esthetics includes more than just whitening teeth. I believe it also means improving the function of teeth so that you can enjoy a more natural, beautiful mouth that also allows you to eat and drink without pain or discomfort.

It is very difficult to prevent gum recession and discoloration just by covering your teeth with white crowns.

My treatments help patients recover healthy gums and restores their beautiful smiles. Furthermore, my treatments help your overall function by balancing all of your teeth so that you can enjoy any kind of meal. For patients who have speech pronunciation problems stemming from a poor oral condition, my treatments will restore your ability to pronounce clearly.

My ultimate goal is to help patients maintain a good oral condition for a long time.

It is generally said that oral appearance and function decline with age. However, it is very much possible to restore your oral condition. You can get your natural mouth back again with appropriate treatments.

You may not be satisfied with your mouth even if you have received dental treatments before. I want you to know that you can definitely get your nice natural smile back.

Please contact us if you are worried about or feel distressed with your mouth.
I, a certified specialist of the Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, provide patients with worldwide, well-grounded, high quality treatments.

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