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24.11.2011Esthetic Dentistry Blog

Periodontal Examination

Periodontal Examination

Hello I am Matsui,

Have you ever heard of a periodontal examination?

Teeth are supported by various cellular structures, especially bone.

A periodontal examination is very important in checking the cellular structures surrounding your teeth.


During a periodontal examination, we check:

  • If your gums experience bleeding

  • If tartar has formed on your teeth or not

  • If you have any periodontitis

  • If the bone surrounding your teeth is decreasing or not

  • If your gums are inflamed or not

  • How much your gums are receding

  • How much your teeth move

  • If there is space between the roots of your molars


After performing a complete examination, we provide our patients with a thorough diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.



Hazuki Matsui, Dental Hygienist


Azabu Tokyo Dental Clinic

Tooth Whitening Coordinator, Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

Member, Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

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