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06.04.2012Esthetic Dentistry Blog

Dry lips

Dry lips

Hello, I am the dental hygienist Matsui at Azabu Tokyo Dental Clinic.

I would like to talk about the prevention of dry and chapped lips.

Lips are very thin horny layer and lack the function of keeping enough natural moisturizing ingredients. Loss of natural oils happen due to exposure to cold, dry winds.

What is the cause?
• Licking lips
• Dry environment
• Sunburn
• Lack of vitamin B2
• Smoking

Lips have a rapid metabolism compared with normal skin, so we can keep healthy, hydrated lips with daily care.

Preventive care
• Use lipsticks containing Jojoba oil, vitamins or medical lipsticks
• Have food that contains vitamin B2 such as eggs, Natto, spinach or liver.

Beauty specialists recommend putting honey or Vaseline on lips, then covering them with plastic wrap for 10 minutes. This is quite effective.
These days there are many kinds of lip products available in shops.

We support our patients with total oral care.

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