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Treatment Fees

Azabu Tokyo Dental Clinic provides our patients with implant dentistry, esthetic dentistry and prosthetic dentistry for occlusion.
On your first visit, we will ask if you have any specific needs or requests. After that, we will take an x-ray and perform an oral examination. We will then offer a consultation explaining your diagnosis and oral condition.

If you would like the most advanced treatment, we will perform a very detailed examination, prepare our recommendation for treatment and provide you with an estimate and a treatment schedule.

When you understand your treatment plan, we will begin your treatment.

These treatments are the cutting edge of modern dentistry, and as such are not covered by Japanese national health insurance.

Main treatment fees below

◎First visiting fee, Dental check up, Oral examination, X-ray 1 hour ¥10,000 + tax
◎Full maintenance: Dental check up, Professional teeth cleaning, Preventive care 2 hours ¥20,000 + tax
◎Detailed Examination 1.5 hours ¥20,000 + tax
◎Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Consultation 2 hours ¥20,000 + tax
◎Professional teeth whitening 1.5 hours x 2 ¥50,000 + tax
◎Second opinion 1 hours ¥10,000 + tax

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Please feel free to contact us,

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